Norton 360 With Lifelock

Norton 360 With Lifelock

Norton 360 with Lifelock protects users’ data from new and emerging cyber threats. So, whether the device is linked to a public or private network, it will be protected against digital threats. Norton 360 guards the user’s digital life by securing their system, mobile devices, and home network connected to the internet.

Norton 360 is an all-in-one security suite that protects against malware, viruses, identity theft, and other threats. It is also committed to assisting a million consumers in securing their gadgets, internet privacy, identities, and home and family needs. Therefore, the users are suggested to visit to execute the Norton 360 with Lifelock setup procedure.  

Additionally, Norton 360 protects users from malware, viruses, ransomware, and unprotected WiFi connections. When using a public WiFi connection, it provides LifeLock identity theft protection and a secure VPN. Moreover, it is intended to offer all-in-one protection for linked devices, user identities, and online privacy.

Features of Norton 360 with Lifelock

Norton 360 with Lifelock is one method of safeguarding the device from viruses, malware, and internet dangers. It ensures complete security for all devices, as well as the user’s identity and privacy.

Secure VPN

  • The Secure VPN feature allows the user to surf privately and securely using a no-log VPN. It includes bank-grade encryption to help keep the user’s information secure and confidential, such as passwords and bank data.


  • It contains a SafeCam feature that alerts the user and prohibits anyone who attempts to use their webcam.

Password Manager

  • It allows users to quickly manage, generate, and save passwords, credit card information, and other credentials online in a safe and secure manner.

250GB Cloud Backup

  • It offers an automated and secure cloud backup for storing and protecting critical information and documents against theft, hard disk failure, and even malware.

Norton 360 has a lot of capabilities and can protect up to ten devices. Furthermore, it monitors the user’s account information and provides notifications when it gets leaked.

How Norton 360 with Lifelock works to protect the user against identity thefts?

Norton 360 delivers comprehensive protection against a wide range of possible threats. It provides all necessary internet security safeguards. Moreover, it provides PC backup abilities as well as up to 500GB of internet backup space.

Furthermore, the following are the methods in which Norton 360 with LifeLock works to protect users from identity theft.

  • It analyzes the users’ information on the dark web using LifeLock’s Dark web surveillance.
  • Its goal is to identify cyber dangers on all connected devices.
  • It provides the users with a tool that allows them to securely generate, save, and manage their credit card information, passwords, and other internet credentials.
  • Unauthorized traffic is blocked by the system’s smart firewall capabilities.
  • If a user becomes a victim of identity theft, they will be assisted in restoring their identity by a professional identity restoration professional.
  • It notifies the user of questionable behavior by text message, email, phone, or mobile app.
  • As a preventive step against data loss, it offers customers a PC cloud Backup.

So following are the ways how Norton works to protect the users against online identity theft and dangerous files. Therefore, the users looking for an antivirus program to guard their device must consider using the Norton 360 with LifeLock.

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